Ready to Build a Successful Marketing Career?

The Mission is simple:

We are creating a generation of marketers that respect and honour the craft of marketing.

You: Lack of Practical Experience

Ambitious and Proactive people who want to excel in their marketing career often lack the practical skills and experience to kickstart or progress as marketing professionals.

Businesses: No Marketing Expertise

Many micro-businesses struggle with marketing due to lacking time, expertise and resources in order to independently market themselves or invest in such services.

The Marketing Ignition combines Professional Training, Assessments and a Work Placement opportunity for committed professionals to drive their marketing career forwards.

Build Your professional Network

Become part of a thriving community of marketers.

You've heard it many times, and there's no getting away from it: "It's not just about what you know, but who you know, and who knows you." The ability to build and maintain a strong professional network as you progress in your career is key; that's why the first part of our offer is to connect you with other proactive, dynamic and ambitious marketers embarking on a similar journey.

Know Your Strengths and Grow your Skillset

Cognitive Assessment

What area of marketing are you best suited to? More often than not, nobody helps aspiring marketers to know if they are best suited to lead generation, content creation, campaign management or more. With The Missing Component you can ensure that you play to your strengths.

Pre-Placement Training

Regardless of whether you've studied marketing at any level or not, understanding what is required to execute effective marketing approaches for small businesses is something that you need to learn. The Marketing Ignition training equips you with what you need.

In-Placement Training

This is where we really get to business. The Marketing Blueprint for Small Business is our flagship training programme and gives you the knowledge, skills and tools you need to become a real asset to any business. Prepare to be armed with powerful strategies and tactics.

build your professional track record

Marketing Work Placement

This is probably the most valuable part of this opportunity for many of you: a minimum 12-week part-time (voluntary) work placement with a micro-business where you’ll lead on an area of their marketing. Whether you are in charge of Social Media Management, Content Creation, Campaign Management or Community Management, it is during this period that you will be able to go through The Marketing Blueprint for Small Business and apply the training to your marketing role.

Impact Tracking and Measurement

Here is where we show how much we care about the people we work with (talent and businesses). As far as e are concerned, training and support is great but the results that are produced is what we all need to keep our focus on. During your 12-week placement, we'll provide you with a process for tracking the impact and growth that the business is experiencing due to your efforts. This ensures that you can evidence the benefits you bring to the table as a professional marketer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this opportunity cost? - Absolutely nothing. We have designed and created The Marketing Ignition to be free for you because our mission as a company is bigger than making money. We want an opportunity like this to be accessible to all. It is for this reason though, that we expect you to truly value and take advantage of this.

What types of businesses can I do my placement in? - It ranges. The great thing about marketing is that it is required by every company and organisation that exists. That's why our clients that provide placement opportunities for our talent are from a range of industries: from Health and Fitness, to Property, to Technology, to Financial Services to Creative Agencies and much more.

How much time does this require? - The average time taken to complete The Missing Component assessment and The Marketing Ignition pre-placement training is 5 hours. Once your placement begins, the expected commitment to your marketing role is approximately 5 hours-per-week. The Marketing Blueprint for Small Business, which you complete during your placement, is made up of 8-modules that last around 1 hour each in length.

Can this fit around my current work or study? - 100%. We have specifically designed this opportunity to be one that you can take advantage of even if you work or study full-time. The fact that the placements also allow you to work remotely, this ensures that no extra time is taken up travelling to work if you do not need to.

Do we get paid for our placements? - Usually, no. Firstly, due to the fact that we designed this as an opportunity to gain valuable work experience for talented marketers that are yet to play a professional marketing role, the placements are voluntary. Secondly, the fact that many of the companies are micro-businesses, the budgets required to pay for a salaried employee do not exist. If you are entering this opportunity with a level of professional experience already then we are able to direct you to paid placements and salaried positions.