The Marketing Ignition: Business Growth made simple

Our mission is simple: To help you to raise brand awareness, attract customers and grow your business when you have little to no budget.

Marketing Makes or Breaks Businesses

Regardless of what product or service you offer, the competition to win over the heart and mind (and purse strings) of your ideal customer is fierce. Without the right marketing you're going to lose every time.

Through our Coaching, Consultancy and Training, we have worked with hundreds of businesses over the years and whenever we ask what they see as their biggest challenge, at least 95% say their marketing isn't where they want it to be.

We can't accept that. We are leading the change.

The reason 90% of Small Businesses end up failing isn't because they aren't good businesses, it's because they don't have the knowledge, skills and tools to succeed. That changes today. 3 steps to transforming your marketing:

Your trusted partner

Committed to growth

Monitoring Impact

Nowadays you seem to have just a few options for bettering your marketing:

1. Outsource your marketing and potentially be ripped off whilst seeing no results.

2. Do it yourself - taking shortcuts due to not knowing any better or being given misinformation.

3. Bury your head in the sand. Do nothing. Continue to struggle.

Don't even think about doing one of these things again. We are here for you.

What's in it for you?

Save money on salary expenses

The reason our programme is perfect for small businesses is because we know that the budget required to hire a full-time experienced marketer often doesn't exist. The Marketing Ignition gives you access to our pool of talent, often made up of Marketing or Business students, who are looking for practical experience and so want to volunteer their time in order to apply their new skills and ongoing learning.

To ensure that you and our students gain the most value from this opportunity, their marketing placement with you sees them commit around 5 hours a week to your marketing activities across a minimum 3-month period.

Access to Industry-leading Training

As part of The Marketing Ignition, your marketer will have the opportunity to upskill themselves by working through two of our training programmes - which as always, have been designed to meet the standards and competency frameworks of the CIM and DMI. Prior to placement they will have been introduced to Brand Management, Small Business Marketing and Social Selling.

During the placement, their course deepens their understanding of these whilst also exploring how to succeed with your Website, Branding, Content Creation, Event Marketing, Client Relationship Management and Data & Analytics.

Finding proactive and committed marketing talent, then training them to be an asset to your business isn't a theory. This is our craft. This is our calling.

Growth and Progression or your money back

"Working with Exponential Marketing is fantastic. The training and the coaching I've had has really helped me to develop my strategy and approach to Social Media and Content Creation" ~ Nicky Moran, Coaching for Creatives

"The training provided to our Accelerators was amazing. As young staff members tasked with innovating and creating more effective ways for their companies to operate, understanding how to develop effective marketing strategies was critical." ~ Louise Bromby, Freeformers


The deadline for applications is just days away. APPLY NOW by completing the following form and let's see if this great opportunity is right for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will my marketing candidate be selected? - Everything is focused on your goals, objectives and desired area of focus. Once established (on our 30min introductory chat) we will then be able to look at the strengths of the candidates in our talent pool and begin the matching process. We aim to give you two candidate options where possible.

How will we know if my marketer is beneficial to our business? - We use a tracking and monitoring process that allows us to gather quantitative data about things like your brand's Reach, Engagement, Lead/Opportunity Generation and Sales. We also gather anecdotal information from you and your customers to support this.

Can I only have one candidate work with me as a marketer? - Not necessarily. In some instances, businesses want to really put their foot on the gas and speed up the development and output of their marketing operation. In such a situation, the multiple candidates working within the same business may choose to focus on different areas of marketing. This will of course require you to pay for the programme for each individual candidate.

What if I have staff or candidates already and just want access to the training? - That is no problem. In fact, we celebrate you for having taken these steps. The opportunity to gain access to the training with/without impact monitoring processes is still available to you.

Why is the training important to my business - isn't that just good for the candidate? - When asked this question it always brings to mind the story of a CFO asking a CEO whether we should train people if they could end up leaving and the CEO responding that it'd be worst if you don't and they stay. What if your candidate builds a great relationship with you and stays on after the minimum of 3 months? Regardless, having people who can be as effective as possible when working on your business should always be the priority. Or else, you are just cutting corners again and again.

What if I am not happy with my candidate's commitment or output? - Trust us when we say that in our opinion this is unacceptable. We do all we can to prevent such a situation but if this does occur then we will look to have a replacement for you within 7 days. Failing that, a part-refund will be discussed and agreed with you.

Who the heck are Exponential Marketing? - Check out our neat little video below (Under 2mins).